About Us

Welcome to the Australian Society of Special Care in Dentistry!

ASSCID was established in August 1997. The association has 65 members representing every state and territory in the country.

The aims of ASSCID are:
  • To take an active role in educating the dental profession and other health care workers in the oral health needs of people with special needs.
  • To be a resource centre for oral health professionals seeking information in the management of patients with special needs
  • To lobby for oral health services for people with special needs.
  • To support oral health promotion that targets people with special needs.
  • To be a fraternity of oral health professionals interested in the care of people with disabilities.
  About the ASSCID LOGO:
The ASSCID logo is a stylised waratah - a native Australian flower - with the three central stamens representing the patient, carer and dentist, working as a team to achieve the best possible outcome for the patient.